The Department of Accounting and Finance is an important and dynamic academic unit of the Institution with a strong presence at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Our goal is to equip our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop a successful professional career, through the implementation of a modern Undergraduate Program that fully covers the scientific subjects of Accounting and Finance.

In particular, the mission of the Department of Accounting and Finance of the University of Peloponnese is:

Providing students with the supplies that ensure their perfect training for scientific and professional careers.
The promotion of knowledge and research in the disciplines of Accounting and Finance at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.
The development of collaborations with institutions and companies at local, regional, national and international level in order to achieve and develop the connection with the market and society.

Upon completion of their studies, the graduates of the Department have all the knowledge that will allow them to either continue their studies at postgraduate and doctoral level, or to work as executives in the private or public sector or as freelancers (e.g. x. Accountants, Tax Technicians, Auditors, Executives of Accounting and Financial Services, Financial Advisers – Analysts, Teachers).