Reception-Information Event for the Department’s first-year students

(Assembly decision no. 28/16-11-2021)


From the academic year 2020-2021, the organization, at the beginning of each academic year, in the central Amphitheater, of a special event to welcome first-year students is established. The President, the teachers of the Department as well as the Head of the Secretariat participate, and its purpose is to provide immediate information to the first-year students regarding matters particularly important for their studies such as:

  1. The Department in general and the professional prospects it offers. The information is provided by the President of the Department,
  2. The Study Guide, the structure of the Study Program (courses). The information is provided by the President of the Curriculum Committee,
  3. The rights and obligations of students. The briefing is provided by a faculty member,
  4. The research laboratory that operates in the Department, the research activities of the Department, and the possibilities of their participation in them (in older years). The briefing is provided by the Laboratory Director and the President of the Research Planning Committee,
  5. Τhe key procedures related to studying (course declarations, selection of books, issuance of academic ID, transactions with the Secretariat, right to food/housing). The information is provided by the Department’s Head of Secretariat,
  6. Their representation in the bodies of the Department, their participation in the formation-updating of the Study Program as well as in the evaluation of the teaching work. The information is provided by a member of the Curriculum Committee and a member of the OMEA of the Department.
  7. The possibility to participate in Mobility through Erasmus+. The information is provided by the Academic Head of the Department for the Program.