(a) Designation of Academic Advisers – Allocation of Students           

At the beginning of each academic year, the Academic Advisers (ΑΑ) are appointed, by decision of the Assembly.

The allocation is made as follows:

First-year admitted students are distributed based on their registration number equally among the professors of the Department. Each professor is designated as ΑΑ and takes on the same number of students as the rest. The relevant table that includes the names of the ΑΑ, the student registration numbers and office hours as well as the e-mails of the ΑΑ is posted on the website of the Department.


(b) Role – duties of Academic Advisers

ΑΑ help students complete their studies in the most rational and efficient way and help solve problems that may arise during studies. They help students to determine the optimal order in which to take their courses, minimizing exam failure, and advise them to choose, according to their interests, abilities and skills, free choice courses, Internship provider, etc..

Students can discuss with their ΑΑ any topic of their academic life that concerns them, e.g. problems with courses, workshops, issues related to study regulations, course selection, or even personal difficulties (family problems, health problems) which may affect their studies. ΑΑ will try, as much as possible, to give or propose solutions to any problems that arise.

The AA cooperates with the internship supervisors and the members of the Committee on Extraversion and International Relations for the better realization of both the internship and the mobility of the students they supervise.

Students communicate with their ΑΑ regularly and at least twice per academic year in meetings predetermined by the ΑΑ. The first meeting can take place during the course selection period of the winter semester and the second after the publication of the results of the corresponding examination period, where they discuss the educational results and the student’s progress during the previous semester.

Extraordinary meetings may be held when necessary, or when requested by the ΑΑ, to discuss a matter affecting students. Obviously, students can, whenever they want, communicate privately with their ΑΑ. The content of the discussions is confidential and the personal data of the student is protected by the ΑΑ.

In the event of a faculty member’s absence for a long period of time (e.g. due to educational leave, suspension of duties, health problem, etc.), the department’s Secretariat assigns the students of the absent faculty member a new ΑΑ.

In the event that a student feels that he does not receive a sufficient response from the ΑΑ that corresponds to him, he addresses himself directly to the President of the Department. The same applies to admission students from previous years who are looking for relevant support and further guidance.

In exceptional cases, students may request the change of their ΑΑ, explaining the reasons to the President of the Department. The possibility of satisfying the request is examined on a case-by-case basis.

In the context of the Department’s general operation, every member of the teaching staff accept students for cooperation and assistance on specific days and times which are announced at the beginning of each semester on the Department’s website.