The Quality Policy of the Department of Accounting and Finance

The Quality Policy of the Department of Accounting and Finance: (a) supports the academic profile and orientation of the implemented Study Program, (b) promotes its purpose and object, (c) sets, implements and monitors the quality objectives, (d) determines the means, actions and ways of achieving them, and (e) implements the appropriate internal and external quality procedures with the ultimate aim of its continuous improvement.

The Quality Policy is fully harmonized with the strategic planning and quality assurance policy of the University of Peloponnese and focuses on the continuous improvement of the quality of its curriculum, educational, research and administrative work.

By implementing the Department’s Quality Policy, the following central goals are sought to be achieved:

  1. Alignment with the European and National Framework of Higher Education Qualifications,
  2. Ensuring the quality of educational work, research work and other services
  3. Promoting student and faculty excellence in terms of ethics
  4. Promoting academic integrity and freedom (e) Promoting a culture of tolerance, inclusion and equal opportunities and treatment for students and Department staff
  5. Participation of external bodies and organizations in quality assurance.

The main characteristics of the Department’s Quality Policy, which constitute its commitment, are the following:

  1. The maintenance and promotion of the vision, the mission and the privileged position of the Department in the academic map of the country, through the strategic planning of the activities and the supervision of its implementation.
  2. The Compliance with the principles, standards and quality assurance guidelines of the European Charter of Higher Education and with the applicable national and European institutional framework.
  3. The consolidation and active pursuit of the development of a culture of quality, both among the members of the academic community, and in its relations with social partners and productive bodies with the aim of its continuous improvement.
  4. The global approach in the implementation of the quality policy integrating all relevant aspects (Study Program structure, teaching methods, research, support services for students, relations with social and productive bodies).
  5. The student-centered approach, contributing to the multifaceted development of the students’ personality and enhancing their active participation in the learning process and in ensuring the quality of the curriculum
  6. The Code of Ethics and Conduct of the University of Peloponnese which also binds the Department of Accounting and Finance
  7. The promotion of the interconnection of the curriculum with research and the labor market.
  8. Strengthening the internationalization-extroversion of the study program by strengthening mobility through international programs and developing partnerships with market players.
  9. Transparency and public information about its actions. The Department’s Policy is made public and disseminated to its involved members, so that its academic and administrative staff as well as its students take responsibility for quality assurance in accordance with their assigned role.
  10. The implementation of a democratic mode of operation and the promotion of dialogue as a means of decision-making. At the same time, the non-negotiable operation within the framework of gender equality, accepting diversity and supporting vulnerable social groups

For the implementation of this Policy, the Department has set up the following Committees:

  1. The Strategic Planning Committee with the task of developing the overall strategy of the Department
  2. The Department Curriculum Committee
  3. The Department Research Planning Committee
  4. The Erasmus+, Extroversion and Internationalization Committee
  5. The Integration and Equal Opportunity Committee.