Regulation regarding the Student Complaints and Objections Management Mechanism

(Assembly decision no. 19/15-9-2021)


In the context of strengthening the student-centered educational process, as well as compliance with the principles of transparency and accountability, the Department of Accounting and Finance establishes a Student Complaints Management Mechanism.

The Mechanism is made up of rules that govern the procedure to be applied in the Department of Accounting and Finance regarding the submission of complaints by students and the adoption of every appropriate measure to deal with them.

  1. Scope of the Mechanism

The Complaints Management Mechanism established by this Regulation concerns all complaints submitted by students of the Department of Accounting and Finance that relate to the quality of the services provided by the Department, both in terms of education and administrative functions.

  1. Submission of complaints and their registration

Every person who has the status of a student of the Department of Accounting and Finance of the University of Peloponnese has the right to submit complaints to the said Department following the following procedure.

The student records his/her complaints on the “Complaint Submission Form” of the Department. This form is also available through the Department’s website and through the Secretariat.

In detail, the student completes the “Complaint Submission Form”, in which he/she briefly, clearly and objectively records the problem – complaint he/she has, and submits it to the Department’s Secretariat, in paper or electronic form.

  1. Process of handling-addressing the problem

The Department Secretariat immediately forwards the student’s complaint, along with any additional material, as the case may be, to the President of the Department.

Within 15 days from the transmission of the complaint, the President of the Department examines the problem and takes the appropriate actions, informing, as the case may be, the competent body. In case it is deemed necessary, an extraordinary Assembly is convened for the discussion and decision-making. The student who has submitted the examined complaint is invited to the meeting in order to present his views.

Within a reasonable time under the circumstances, the student is duly informed about the actions that have been taken and the handling in general, as well as about any relevant decisions of the respective competent body of the Department.

  1. Possibility of revision in a lesson

The students have the possibility to request a review to improve their score according to the terms and conditions set by the Assembly of each Department.

If the student fails more than three times in a course, in accordance with the current legislation, he can, upon his application, be examined in this course by a three-member committee of Professors of the School, who have the same or a related subject and are appointed by the Dean.

The person in charge of the teacher examination is excluded from the committee. The application for examination by a committee is submitted by the student at least one month before the beginning of the examination period. In case of failure in the specific examination as well, the student is referred back to the original examination method.

  1. Activation of the Student Advocate

In the context of dealing with student complaints, it is possible to activate the Student Advocate where students can turn to settle issues with fellow students, teachers, administrative staff (