Career Prospects

The graduates of the Department of Accounting and Finance are expected upon completion of their studies to have been equipped with all the necessary skills, in order to be able to work as:

  1. Professional accountants, tax experts, economists, investment consultants, business consultants or public administration executives or executives of the private and wider financial sector.
  2. Auditors, internal auditors, executives in multinational auditing companies, and also executives in companies of other branches.
  3. Members of the Teaching & Research Staff in Higher Education in Greece and abroad, provided that they have acquired the additional qualifications which are enacted by the relevant legislation.
  4. Teachers and executives in educational and research centers, promoting research and teaching in the disciplines of Accounting, Auditing, Finance and Banking.

Moreover, the graduates of the Department of Accounting and Finance can practice the following professions in Greece:

  1. 1.Economist.
  2. Economist – Investment Consultant and Economist – Investment Evaluator on investments concerning the Development Law and the European Union funding.
  3. Accountant & Tax Expert.
  4. Auditor.
  5. Internal Auditor.
  6. Economist of the Public Sector.
  7. Insolvency Manager.
  8. Customs Broker.
  9. Insurance Broker / Mediator.
  10. Bank Employee / Bank Executive / Bank Manager.
  11. Financial Advisor in companies of the financial sector (brokerage companies, banks, leasing companies, stock exchange market  companies etc.).
  12. Economist – Professor in Secondary Education (PE80).
  13. Business Executive / Manager.
  14. Certified Property Evaluator.
  15. Real Estate Broker.
  16. Entrepreneur.