The Department of Accounting and Finance provides students with a modern educational environment that is in accordance with international scientific and educational developments.
In an ever intensively globalized and competitive academic environment, the Department of Accounting and Finance of the University of the Peloponnese offers to its students updated and state-of-the-art programs which adopt all the academic and educational developments that emerge globally. The principal aim of the undergraduate program in Accounting and Finance is to provide students with all the necessary and significant knowledge and skills which will give them the competitive edge to follow either a successful career in Greek and multinational companies or to continue their studies at the graduate and doctorate programs of Universities in Greece or abroad.
To support these objectives, the recently updated program of studies consists of both core courses and specialization courses. Courses of fundamental background cover a wide range of topics that include quantitative analysis, business administration, economic theory, regulatory and supervisory framework that governs the financial markets and the financial institutions’ operation domestically and globally. In addition, the undergraduate program offers a significant number of courses that allow students to specialize either in the field of Accounting or in the field of Finance. The program of studies is updated frequently to encompass new developments in research and education that emerge globally in the areas of Accounting and Finance. The undergraduate program is focused at providing students with the theoretical background in both Accounting and Finance fields, as well as training the program’s students with related quantitative skills from a wide range of topics. Additionally, the Department of Accounting and Finance has fully equipped laboratories for the educational and research needs of undergraduate and graduate students. These laboratories are supervised by specialized personnel which provide support in the applied courses and are used in tutorial sessions run by the members of staff. Furthermore, students are provided with access to databases that offer necessary accounting and financial data crucial in the conduction of research as part of their undergraduate and graduate thesis.
Finally, the Department of Accounting and Finance has come to the agreement with several professional bodies, including CFA Institute, a leading professional body in Financial Analysis. The Department also offers the opportunity to its students to study abroad for one semester through the Erasmus+ program.