A. Academic targets-studies-research

  • Educating students professionally and academically in accounting and finance in an evenhanded way.
  • Creating a fruitful academic environment.
  • Assisting students to improve their performance.
  • Promoting social values (cooperation, solidarity, group work).
  • Continuously producing research and high quality papers by department staff.
  • Organizing graduate programs that lead to the education of students in subfields cultivated by our department.
  • Organizing the optimal functioning of the department.
  • Promoting excellence and best practices in education and in administrative practice.
  • Implementation of methods of surveillance of the progress of educational practice and evaluation of the educational and administrative work.
  • Dissemination of the importance of evaluation to the students of the department.

B. Extroversion -Internationalization

  • Increasing participation in European and Greek projects.
  • Increasing the mobility of staff and students (Erasmus+).
  • Welcoming undergraduate and graduate students from abroad through international student mobility programs (Erasmus+).
  • Cooperating with higher education institutions in Greece and abroad.
  • Promoting cooperation with academic institutions abroad.